April Brought Solitude and Sushi

It’s safe to say the highlight of my April was Sushi and if you haven’t already guessed I’m a huge fan, you would have guessed it by the end of this post. I’ll go further to say the only thing better is enjoying it with someone who loves it just as much or maybe evenContinue reading “April Brought Solitude and Sushi”

Bananas for the Banana Bread

I must admit I go bananas for banana bread. Strangely enough, I’m not a big fan of the banana itself as some people in my house are who seem to think it’s a banana a day that keeps the doctor away. Nevertheless, the consumption rate of bananas in our house never manages to keep upContinue reading “Bananas for the Banana Bread”

The Hungry Sister

Today is my older sister’s birthday. As children growing up in Jamaica our parents would insist that we eat and drink what I thought back then, were horrible tasting foods. If I had a penny for the number of times I heard the line, “eat it, it good fi yuh” I would be wealthy. ForContinue reading “The Hungry Sister”