Friday Feelings

It’s been a while since I had a “Friday Feeling”, but today I needed it and the feeling today is re-charge. My heart has been heavy for the last few days with all the wars, diseases, massacres and constant horrible breaking news. For my sanity, this weekend is begging for a “hard stop”. So, I’mContinue reading “Friday Feelings”

17 Days Ago

I have already spent 17 full glorious days in Jamaica. I’ve waded in the river, hiked up a mountain, rafted on the Martha Brae, climbed a waterfall, swam in the ocean and driven legally on the wrong side of the road. I’ve dodged what felt like a million potholes and got caught by a millionContinue reading “17 Days Ago”

Friday Feelings

The feeling today is “grounded”. With a strong foundation you can weather any storm. Over the years, the river has eroded the soil beneath this huge tree, still those deep roots have kept it grounded. The same is true for you and me! Guess it also takes a certain amount of “chutzpah” to keep walkingContinue reading “Friday Feelings”

No Regrets Here

Have you ever been caught unexpectedly by the realization of just how much your life has changed? Sometimes it’s as simple as seeing someone, driving past some place, or hearing a certain song, and suddenly you’re jolted into remembering that at some time in your past, this person, place or song used to be aContinue reading “No Regrets Here”