Friday Feelings

Today I’m feeling the setting sun on a beautiful beach in Jamaica. Come watch the sunset! Feel good this Friday, Sincerely Jan! Subscribe below to receive e-mail updates and notifications of my latest blogs:

Ordinary Love on Valentine’s Day

Finally, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and around this time every year we start thinking about what we want to do with that special someone for Valentine’s Day. I remember thirty-six years ago when my boyfriend, now my husband, and I started dating, Valentine’s Day was as simple as a single rose andContinue reading “Ordinary Love on Valentine’s Day”

Friday Feelings

Today is Satisfied Staying Single Day! Yes, this is an actual day! Satisfied Staying Single Day is recognized annually on February 11th. Just like couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, on Satisfied Staying Single Day, single men and women have a day to enjoy being alone or with friends without being in a romantic relationship. Feel goodContinue reading “Friday Feelings”

Learning to Say “Yes”

A group of ladies and I are reading Shonda Rhimes’ New York Times Bestselling Novel, “Year of Yes.” So far it has proven to be a very witty but powerful novel about self-reflection and change. To avoid revealing the story, I’ll just say this, Shonda relates how years of saying “no” to new engagements andContinue reading “Learning to Say “Yes””

Friday Feelings

The feeling today is “Respect” as in respect for a perfected skill. Trust me, this was much harder than it looks, but without a harness or rope, he climbed that tree in about 35 secs flat. His only concern when climbing was that we were “recording him good”. “Every artist was first an amateur” –Continue reading “Friday Feelings”

How to Not Lose Yourself in Unhealthy Relationships

It’s February, the month we celebrate love, relationships, and even friendships. It’s also the perfect time to perform a little self-reflection. After all, for any relationship to work well, it takes two or more individuals, including you, having a sense of who you are and committing to being respectful, open and honest with each other.Continue reading “How to Not Lose Yourself in Unhealthy Relationships”

Just A Little February Greeting

In my home country of Jamaica there is a little saying that goes, “Mi likkle but mi tallawah.” It’s a term that Jamaicans use to say, “I might be little, short or small, but I can do big things.” That’s February for me, it’s my “tallawah” month of the year. It promises to be shortContinue reading “Just A Little February Greeting”

Bloganuary #26 – Living on Intuition and Character

My favorite part about myself is not physical at all. There are actually two things about me that I am proud of, and that’s my intuition and my character. I would say that so far, my intuition has served me well. It has helped me to avoid some potentially less than ideal situations and onContinue reading “Bloganuary #26 – Living on Intuition and Character”