Try a Different View

I saw this post today and I thought about how truthful and pertinent it is, especially at this time. As we look forward to Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season some of us are tempted to start checking the boxes for all the things we’re not or don’t have. Some will start measuringContinue reading “Try a Different View”

Hallmark of My Holidays

Watching Christmas Hallmark movies is one of my Life’s Simple Pleasures during the holidays. Now if someone were to ask me, if I ever grow tired of watching girl after girl leaving some big city and falling in love with the same type of old country boy on a farm, I’d have to say notContinue reading “Hallmark of My Holidays”

Tales from the Closet

Every year with the changes in season I find myself digging through my overstuffed closet literally turning its contents upside down. Sweaters and warmer pieces naturally shuffled to the bottom of the shelf to make way for summer are once again being promoted to the top of the unruly pile as fall starts to takeContinue reading “Tales from the Closet”