Just A Little February Greeting

In my home country of Jamaica there is a little saying that goes, “Mi likkle but mi tallawah.” It’s a term that Jamaicans use to say, “I might be little, short or small, but I can do big things.” That’s February for me, it’s my “tallawah” month of the year. It promises to be shortContinue reading “Just A Little February Greeting”

Bloganuary #27 – Place of Solace

Today’s prompt is: “Where do you go when you need solace?” Now that’s an easy one, that would be my husband. He was my childhood friend and classmate, now he’s my best friend, my husband and my rock, and I promise that’s not just a cliche. I’ve known him for 41 years, been together forContinue reading “Bloganuary #27 – Place of Solace”

Bloganuary #26 – Living on Intuition and Character

My favorite part about myself is not physical at all. There are actually two things about me that I am proud of, and that’s my intuition and my character. I would say that so far, my intuition has served me well. It has helped me to avoid some potentially less than ideal situations and onContinue reading “Bloganuary #26 – Living on Intuition and Character”

Bloganuary #17 – No Superpowers, Just a Dream and His Words

Oh, the wonderful world of dreaming! When I was a child, just like most other kids I assume, I often dreamt that I could fly. Not always to other countries and fancy places, but to places to which I was too lazy to walk. I had dreams of being invisible and possessing superpower to leapContinue reading “Bloganuary #17 – No Superpowers, Just a Dream and His Words”

Live Now…Decide Later

My friend and I were having a conversation the other day about the unnecessary pressures we place upon ourselves to fit into these “norms” we have created in our heads. You can’t really blame us though. We grew up with the understanding that as children we went to school and got an education and afterwards,Continue reading “Live Now…Decide Later”

Bloganuary #11 – Living Boldly

The textbook version of bold defines it as “showing a willingness to take risks; being confident and courageous.“ In my opinion, being bold means having a core set of beliefs, values and principles and being willing to stand up for and live by them even in the face of adversity and differences in opinion. TooContinue reading “Bloganuary #11 – Living Boldly”