True to My Word

Last Saturday night I attended my high school’s NY Alumni Chapter’s annual fundraiser. I went to high school in Jamaica and yes, it’s true a lot of us migrated to different ends of the earth after high school, but in our blood we’re always Jamaicans, sons and daughters of its soil. We understand our school,Continue reading “True to My Word”

The Hungry Sister

Today is my older sister’s birthday. As children growing up in Jamaica our parents would insist that we eat and drink what I thought back then, were horrible tasting foods. If I had a penny for the number of times I heard the line, “eat it, it good fi yuh” I would be wealthy. ForContinue reading “The Hungry Sister”

Life After Vacation

It’s remarkable how even the way we approach our first few hours after vacationing changes when we’re out of the workforce. I remember just a few short years ago, I would start stressing about all the things I had to do before returning to work. My mind would have been fully “locked and loaded” onContinue reading “Life After Vacation”

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Farewell Jamaica

Ready or not, today is the day I travel home. The sun has set on my visit and in a few hours, I’ll bid farewell to my parents until we meet again. It’s bittersweet, it was great being home and I will miss them dearly, but I have another life and home to return to.Continue reading “Farewell Jamaica”

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Pulled Over

Driving in Jamaica, especially in the parish of St. Thomas, was never part of the plan. Somehow the idea of driving on the “wrong” side of the road, dodging potholes and competing with drivers trying to pass me on the right and on the left, was just not my “cup of tea.” However, my dadContinue reading “Pulled Over”

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Memories Lost and Found – Then vs Now

Well, my date for leaving this land of my birth has come and gone, and all my sidekicks have all since packed up and left me and I’m still here. As we Jamaicans would say “mi still deh yah.” Now I’m not complaining, there are worse situations to be in than getting some much-needed restContinue reading “Memories Lost and Found – Then vs Now”

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17 Days Ago

I have already spent 17 full glorious days in Jamaica. I’ve waded in the river, hiked up a mountain, rafted on the Martha Brae, climbed a waterfall, swam in the ocean and driven legally on the wrong side of the road. I’ve dodged what felt like a million potholes and got caught by a millionContinue reading “17 Days Ago”

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The Blue Mountains of Jamaica

When we were young our parents never trusted those busses shuttling children back and forth to school trips. So, usually that meant that unless my dad was able to take the day off from work to drive behind the bus we weren’t going. Can’t say I remember exactly, but somehow there is this vague memoryContinue reading “The Blue Mountains of Jamaica”

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