May’s Memories

Carpe Diem which means “seize the day” is the motto of my old high school in Jamaica. Over the years that phrase has become more relevant and meaningful to my life. May has come and soon will be gone but not before giving us Mother’s Day, togetherness, and some memories to last a lifetime. Unfortunately,Continue reading “May’s Memories”

The “Tulip” of the Matter

Last Sunday, my family and I spent the afternoon at a Tulip Festival. With the explosion of smart phones and social media, people have been coming up with creative ways to pass their time and even to generate business. The good side is a lot of it requires us to get up close and personalContinue reading “The “Tulip” of the Matter”

Season of Change

As we quietly usher in the month of May, this is the perfect time to think about change. Change is inevitable but sometimes it’s unpredictable, uncomfortable and unwelcomed but it represents continuity of life and hope. Hope for new beginnings, a fresh start, a time for improvement and a time to face our truths. **”SometimesContinue reading “Season of Change”