Humble Beginnings

I mentioned in my last post that I was a country girl from the Parish of St Thomas in Jamaica, and I posted some beautiful pictures of where I grew up. The reality is, it’s not all “sunshine and roses” for everyone in my Parish. For lots of people living in St Thomas and otherContinue reading “Humble Beginnings”

Touch Down Jamaica

After almost 10 months of staying with us, my parents decided it was time to go home to Jamaica. I guess it’s only fair, we will miss them, but they have their own lives to live, and they had never planned on staying that long anyway. Of course, being one who never misses out onContinue reading “Touch Down Jamaica”

Learning to Say “Yes”

A group of ladies and I are reading Shonda Rhimes’ New York Times Bestselling Novel, “Year of Yes.” So far it has proven to be a very witty but powerful novel about self-reflection and change. To avoid revealing the story, I’ll just say this, Shonda relates how years of saying “no” to new engagements andContinue reading “Learning to Say “Yes””

Friday Feelings

The feeling today is “Respect” as in respect for a perfected skill. Trust me, this was much harder than it looks, but without a harness or rope, he climbed that tree in about 35 secs flat. His only concern when climbing was that we were “recording him good”. “Every artist was first an amateur” –Continue reading “Friday Feelings”

Just A Little February Greeting

In my home country of Jamaica there is a little saying that goes, “Mi likkle but mi tallawah.” It’s a term that Jamaicans use to say, “I might be little, short or small, but I can do big things.” That’s February for me, it’s my “tallawah” month of the year. It promises to be shortContinue reading “Just A Little February Greeting”

Bloganuary # 23 – The Interview

Today I was supposed to interview the Invisible Man, but he’s in costume, and I can’t find him. Sorry, but I have a lovely write up about a giant that I would love you to read. Please continue reading below: My Giant Please subscribe below to receive e-mail updates and notifications of my latest blogs:

My Giant

Today my dad celebrates his 79th birthday! I remember growing up thinking I had my own personal giant. To me, not only was my dad the tallest man in the whole wide world, but he was also the smartest and the strongest. His energy was endless, he worked at his career, he mended broken thingsContinue reading “My Giant”

Bloganuary #20 – Just Some of My Favorite Pics

Today’s Prompt: “What is the favorite photo you’ve ever taken?” Holy cow, I’ve taken so many photos over the years this is going to be hard to choose? Before smart phones I used to travel around with my camera because I love, love taking pictures and it was during that time that I took theContinue reading “Bloganuary #20 – Just Some of My Favorite Pics”

Bloganuary #15 – Cherish Family

Today’s blog was later than usual because for the last two days my family has been together celebrating the life of my dear Uncle Winston who recently passed away. Today we laid him to rest, and afterwards we all came together and gave him a proper send off, Jamaican style. Sitting there amongst these peopleContinue reading “Bloganuary #15 – Cherish Family”

Live Now…Decide Later

My friend and I were having a conversation the other day about the unnecessary pressures we place upon ourselves to fit into these “norms” we have created in our heads. You can’t really blame us though. We grew up with the understanding that as children we went to school and got an education and afterwards,Continue reading “Live Now…Decide Later”