A Little New Year Inspirational Motivation

Christmas has come and gone and has taken all the warm and fuzzy feelings of the holidays with it. Once again, the ball has completed its obligatory ten second jaunt down the pole in the middle of Times Square to hundreds of screaming fans, and our free passes to overindulge have thankfully been rescinded. TheContinue reading “A Little New Year Inspirational Motivation”

My Prayer for 2023

Lord, guide our steps as we travel through 2023. May our lives be richer, healthier and more meaningful, and May our hearts be kinder, gentler and full of more love. Bless our children, our leaders of tomorrow, with wisdom and kind discerning hearts and minds. Bless our lives with peace, love, compassion, companionship, security, strength,Continue reading “My Prayer for 2023”

Self-Reflection Before Resolution

Usually with the upcoming New Year people start making declarations of things in their lives they would like to change. We think of dusting off and recycling those same old resolutions that we have abandoned numerous times before. We resolve to lose weight, exercise more or travel the world…AGAIN. However, by the end of theContinue reading “Self-Reflection Before Resolution”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 1

Yeah, it’s Christmas Eve! There’s only one day left before it’s Christmas Day. Today my husband gets the #1 countdown spot. Selecting him as the feature for today’s countdown came naturally to me. Besides the fact that we go way back over forty something years and he’s one of the best human beings I know,Continue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 1”