Dating 101 Prerequisites

Recently a friend on social media boldly shared a post listing a number of prerequisites a guy had to possess before being eligible to date her. After first admiring the set of “balls” on this woman, I seriously started wondering how many other women and men had lists of prerequisites for dating. Now if you’reContinue reading “Dating 101 Prerequisites”

A Little Love and Honor on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to honor, respect and thank our mothers for giving birth to us. On this day we explicitly express our appreciation to our moms for their acts of love and kindness over the years. Now, I know we don’t all share the same sentiments about our mothers. Like any other relationship,Continue reading “A Little Love and Honor on Mother’s Day”

What Women Really Want

A few months ago, I had written a blog about “What Men Really Want”. Well, now that it’s May, a month for celebrating mothers and women in general, what better time is there to talk about what we women look for in a partner. Now some of you might think it’s the superficial things likeContinue reading “What Women Really Want”

Friday Feelings

The feeling today is “Respect” as in respect for a perfected skill. Trust me, this was much harder than it looks, but without a harness or rope, he climbed that tree in about 35 secs flat. His only concern when climbing was that we were “recording him good”. “Every artist was first an amateur” –Continue reading “Friday Feelings”