Words Heard on the Street …

It is my constitutional right to choose NOT to wear a mask to prevent the spread of Covid! You are violating the constitutional rights and health of my kids by forcing them to wear a mask while attending school and playing with their friends! It is my constitutional right to have readily accessible to me,Continue reading “Words Heard on the Street …”

Red, Rights and Blue

As we start looking forward to Independence Day and celebrating the weekend, for a lot of us, this year more than ever, thoughts of our liberties, our rights, and our freedoms are weighing heavily on our minds. The red, white and blue of our country’s flag signify purity, valor, perseverance and justice, but I mustContinue reading “Red, Rights and Blue”

Bloganuary #29 – Change One Step at a Time

Prompt: How are you changing the world? We all change this world daily through the choices we make and the things we do or do not do. We change the world when we vote in general elections to choose our leaders to make the rules and represent our country.We change the world when we takeContinue reading “Bloganuary #29 – Change One Step at a Time”