More New Friends

The reality was, before the early 1990’s, once we graduated from high school, the very next day more than half of the people we went to school with would disappear from our lives forever. The remaining few were mostly our close friends and even then, unless we were actually committed to staying in touch, theyContinue reading “More New Friends”

Memories Lost and Found – Then vs Now

Well, my date for leaving this land of my birth has come and gone, and all my sidekicks have all since packed up and left me and I’m still here. As we Jamaicans would say “mi still deh yah.” Now I’m not complaining, there are worse situations to be in than getting some much-needed restContinue reading “Memories Lost and Found – Then vs Now”

What Type of Couple are You?

Well next week is Valentine’s Day and I’m still on the topic of love. So, I must admit that recently I have developed some liking for a new guilty pleasure. Lately, I’ve been watching one or two or maybe even three of those petty gossip sitcoms on tv, am I the only one? They nowContinue reading “What Type of Couple are You?”