As July Fades to Black

July literally came in with a bang as we celebrated our country’s independence on the 4th of July. As I was going through my phone looking for pictures to highlight the month, it appears I spent a good part of each day, looking up at the sky and watching soccer. Soccer has become a lifestyleContinue reading “As July Fades to Black”

Bloganuary #13 – Above Ground

I was talking with my friend yesterday about today’s prompt, “What does your ideal day look like?” Honestly, I had nothing idyllic to say, I’d finally learned to appreciate every passing day. Her response to me was, “what could be more ideal than being above ground and breathing?” …I agree.

Bloganuary #2 Back in Jamaica

Some of the best road trips I have ever taken were as a child in my home country of Jamaica while travelling in my father’s gray Datsun pickup truck. Nothing beats sitting in the back facing the wind while speeding through hilly winding country roads. We would leave out early in the morning so weContinue reading “Bloganuary #2 Back in Jamaica”