Bloganuary #27 – Place of Solace

Today’s prompt is: “Where do you go when you need solace?” Now that’s an easy one, that would be my husband. He was my childhood friend and classmate, now he’s my best friend, my husband and my rock, and I promise that’s not just a cliche. I’ve known him for 41 years, been together forContinue reading “Bloganuary #27 – Place of Solace”

Bloganuary #25 – Strength Within

What makes me feel strong? I started out answering this question with a completely different response but somehow it just didn’t feel right and I couldn’t find the right words. It was then I realized, I had the wrong answer. I’m strong today simply because of the Lord God Almighty himself and my faith inContinue reading “Bloganuary #25 – Strength Within”

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Bloganuary #11 – Living Boldly

The textbook version of bold defines it as “showing a willingness to take risks; being confident and courageous.“ In my opinion, being bold means having a core set of beliefs, values and principles and being willing to stand up for and live by them even in the face of adversity and differences in opinion. TooContinue reading “Bloganuary #11 – Living Boldly”

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