Man vs Woman, Who’s Smarter?

Our brains are divided into two hemispheres, a left-side and a right. Studies suggest, left-side thinkers are more analytical, sequential, logical, and methodical while right-side thinkers are believed to be more creative, free-spirited, intuitive, and holistic. If you already know or have guessed that males mostly use the left side of the brain, you areContinue reading “Man vs Woman, Who’s Smarter?”

To Really Love a Woman

Music has a way of resurfacing old memories and stirring emotions long since forgotten. Recently, thanks to a random playlist, I had the delight of being reacquainted with the lyrics of the song “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams. There was a time when I had my own personal love affairContinue reading “To Really Love a Woman”