A Thing or Two About WordPress

This post will be my two hundredth blog. Two hundred blogs later and one year and one quarter on this platform I think I’ve learned a thing or two about this WordPress community that I feel compelled to share. Remember, these are my experiences so please feel free to check me if these are notContinue reading “A Thing or Two About WordPress”

It Was a WordPress Link Up

On this platform there are bloggers whether due to similar backgrounds, ages, country of birth, experiences or whatever that we’re more drawn to and sometimes if we’re lucky, we get to meet them face to face. Well, last Friday I had the pleasure of linking up with Marcia of Restored Hearts. During our lifetime thereContinue reading “It Was a WordPress Link Up”

My Very First WordPress Blog

Exactly one year ago today I made my very first post, “From Pockets to Hearts”, on this platform. Today on my first WordPress anniversary and one hundred and fifty-five posts later, I consider it only fitting that I re-share my very first post. ExcerptLet’s face it, unless you’re Santa Claus who magically gets his giftsContinue reading “My Very First WordPress Blog”

What WordPress Taught Me About Me

I will straight up confess to you that I am not a techie, I’m not computer savvy, I’ve never acquired the art of working with databases, in fact after being out of the workforce for over 4 years, and with all the new applications and updates combined with my lack of practice, I can barelyContinue reading “What WordPress Taught Me About Me”